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Jarec Wentworth or Colby Keller. And yes I know that the former is in prison and the latter is old. Porn stars don't necessarily make the best escorts. If you do want to hire someone, find someone that gets good reviews.

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Not someone picked solely off pictures. Totally agree with R3. Sometimes a fantasy is better left a fantasy. That being said, I hired Kory Houston last year in Houston and it was amazing. Very hot guy and had an awesome time.

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I have hired my share of porn stars over the years and some good and some were bad. They tend to charge more and many feel just being in their presence justifies their rates.

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I hired Arpad Miklos once. He was such a nice guy. He even offered advice on how to organize my shoe collection. Yes, as soon as he started talking, a purse fell out of his mouth. It was an altogether interesting experience that I didn't want to repeat but felt good about. Then a few years later he committed suicide and I felt sad.

Still do.

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I'd hire Conner from Corbin Fisher and also Aiden. Not at the same time though. And probably Brandon from Sean Cody, if he would shave and get a reasonable haircut. And the same goes for Conner, too. Last I saw him he was sporting a mohawk and that's just not sexy. At all. He always seems to be up for anything but isn't slutty like Dawson. Pattinson has wood issues, but he was an enthusiastic bottom for Kellan and that's the position I'd want him in.

Colby Jansen. Sadly I found his Scruff profile once. He lives outside of Buffalo, NY. He stated he was only into fem twinks so I'm out. I'm a man with a build like his.


R5, I wonder if Arpad had purses falling out of his mouth while he tongued the pussy in that killed his gay porn career, leading to his suicide. His body looks like Carl Hardwick's, hard and hairy, bigger cock, more handsome. And such a good personality. Caio Veyron because look at him. Possibly Antonio Biaggi. Don't think either are escorts though. I would bet that escorts will be busy for the rest of the week as everyone tries to get in a last amazing fuck before the end of the world.

R32 Isn't he the one that Tom Falk kicked because he has a needle dick in that famous Fraternity X scene? Or was that his brother, Donnie Forza? R36 Full Disclosure: I am a Tom Falk mega-fan.

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What I heard is that Forza's dick is long and needle like and hurts. Tom had asked Forza to slow down a little. I'm not disagreeing with you. Just clarifying that "rough" does not mean that Tom can't take a dick like the best of us. His scene with Jack Hunter's the best. I like the one with Johnny V as well. I want to see more of him. I know he's been referred to as a sociopath, but Sean Cody's Willis really fucking did it for me.

I think he actually did escort as well. Python from Dawgpound.


One time he showed up escorting on adam4adam in NYC and I went over to the hotel where he was because it was a block away. I was doubtful it was really him and guess what, it wasn't. It was a porn star, but a gross one. It was an unfortunate, ugly scene in a hotel hallway at in the morning. I was out I didn't approach it with any expectations; I just knew if I didn't make an attempt, if I didn't satisfy my curiosity, I'd regret it.

There was a rumor that Billy Unsanitary Santoro had a video of Bruce and a couple of other Titan exclusives getting loaded up at a sex party, so no thanks. It's rumored that a lot of the models for Titan are positive and real bareback sluts off camera, same for Lucas studious. Billy Brandt circa Arid. It's the first gay porn I saw. I just want to eat his ass for days. I'm sure he looks awful now, but when he was 19 he was perfect.

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He was glorious to look at, with a ten inch cock, but so dismal and unenthusiastic. He seemed to think it was enough to just lounge around naked saying he was tired, while I jerked off.

Seriously underwhelming. I refused, of course. I want this guy very badly. He's straight When I first moved to West Hollywood almost 30 years ago, I was just coming "out" and discovered the Models section in Frontiers. There was an ad for my porn fantasy, Jon Vincent.

Gorgeous picture.