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In the same way that gay men are not attracted to women, some of us are not attracted to people our own age. If the age gap is not a problem for straight people, why should it be for gays? I don't get it though. Do you break up with them after the years have passed and they're "old" too? Or is it the constant age difference that you like, no matter if you're 50 and 20 or 90 and 60? Should they break up after 10 or 20 years just because they got older?

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That's not exactly what I meant. Obviously people can manage to stay madly in love forever, and it's a goal I can dream of achieving with the right guy. You, however, said "some of us are not attracted to people our own age". I mistook that as "some of us like younger guys", hence the question: Those who "prefer" only significantly younger guys and let's be real here, they don't do it because younger guys have better personalities on average, or something do they still "prefer" them when they've both grown respectively older?

It's not that I have anything against large age differences, as long as it's a mature and consensual relationship where no party is being harmed, I don't think I even get to have an opinion about it.


I still can't help but wonder, though. I guess that for some older folks it's about the sexual attraction - no one decides what they are attracted to, right? True that, which is also why I'm actually fine with things such as incest as long as it's consensual and they don't have biological kids. I'm just curious if it's just a matter of taste or if it has some psychological implications. The older men that like younger men, did they also like younger men when they were 30? Or was it something that came as they themselves aged? I think that each case is different.

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On general terms, if you are attracted to young guys now, most probably you will find them attractive when you're older. In my case, ever since I became sexually active, it has always been with much older guys. My relationship with my father is ok, I haven't been molested as a child, there is no reason for my attraction to older men. Still, there it is. Maybe it's the same with them regarding younger men. It happens a LOT with straight people.

Usually, there is no reason behind it, other than attraction. I didn't pursue them when I was that young and I don't now but I do think they're hot. I wasn't able to finish college, and largely as a consequence my career didn't even get started until I was about I spent the intervening years in abject poverty doing not much of anything.

As a result I'm not at a point in my life where other men my age are. I've never owned a house or a car. As a consequence I find I don't have much in common with men my age: I did a couple "speed dating" things and I had nothing at all in common with the men I met. They were all shopping for their retirement houses, and I was just getting started.

I therefore get along better with younger men, we just have more in common in life. Not that I can't find older men attractive , we just have little to talk about. So my boyfriend is a lot younger than me. When we get older, I just hope he doesn't want to get rid of me. Age doesn't have to do with looks at all tbh. I have dated guys with my father's age I was , they were in their early 50s and they were super hot, chiseled body and everything. It mostly depends on how much care someone takes of themselves, including exercise, diet, alcohol consumption, and smoking, as well as genetics.

Most people of all ages are attracted to youth, and there are some young people who are attracted to older people. My guess is that the reason straight guys don't do it more is because it's taboo.

Of course it's taboo for gay guys too, but gay guys are less concerned with taboos. It takes courage for a gay guy to come out of the closet and date other men, so if they have enough courage to do that, then they probably have enough courage to date an older guy. There are lots of straight guys who are really into MILFs. But they rarely date them, probably because they don't have the courage to do it. But gay guys are more willing to date whoever they want even if other people think it's weird.

I'm 25 and my boyfriend is Age Differences in Dating 1 Comment. By John R. Compatible Partners — Review your matches for free Younger men tend to hang out with other younger men because they have a good deal in common. You can learn more about John and his practice at http: You may also like Navigating Relationship Age Gaps. Lawrence Gabriel January 21, at Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

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Also, one more thing. Younger guys are more likely to be emotionally vulnerable. Maybe they have never had a gay friend before. Maybe they are still a virgin. Maybe they have only valued for their sexual ability. Either way, there probably is going to be fear, isolation, desire for validation and affirmation. Be the one to give that validation. Might find a regular hook-up buddy in the process. - the place for mature gay men and admirers and the GrayGay guide

Younger guys also want to live. What, as a 20 yr old something new on the scene, you would NOT want to happen to yourself. Do the opposite. And remember that creepy for everyone is different.

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He stays just a short distance from my home so we often saw each other, and on a few occasions we sat and had a beer together. I never once made a move because I just assumed he was a straight guy just being friendly. He often came around for a swim and that was it.